This is the home site of Dave Morrow Music and the Dave Morrow Band. We're assuming that you're here because you meant to be, and that you already know who Dave is. But, in case that's not true, here is some information for you.

What does the band's name mean?
Often times, the name that a band chooses reflects something about who they are, but it can be difficult to understand the symbolism involved. We thought it would be good to give an explanation, since some of you may be wondering ..."how did they come up with such a cool name?"

• "the" is a word that basically means "something specific", or "one and only". In other words, differentiating between "A" Dave Morrow Band, or "one of many" Dave Morrow Bands.

• "dave" is of course short for David. In the original Hebrew, this name means "beloved" or possibly even "Chieftain".

• The word "morrow" is actually a name, but can be considered a form of the word "tomorrow". You have of course heard something along the lines of, "of course I could do that today, but rather I shall put it off until the morrow".

"band" is always used for a particular group of people with a common goal, such as when we are told in the book of Acts that Cornelius was a member of the "Italian Band". So, now that you know the background it's obvious why we chose the name to signify a "specific group of people who have a common love for what is yet to come". Sometimes deep spiritual meanings like this are best communicated in mystery. So, we decided to call ourselves "The Dave Morrow Band".

Dave's Bio
I was born in Garden Grove California in 1960, (do the math). After moving to the Lake Elsinore area in the mid 70s with my parents, I met my future wife Debbie, and Jesus. We were married in 1979. In the mid 80s we began attending Calvary Chapel of Lake Elsinore and have been there ever since. After spending several years in the construction trade as a General Contractor, I went on staff at CCLE as Assistant Pastor in 1992. My wife and I, and our 5 kids, have lived happily ever after.

Musically speaking I am a product of the 60s and 70s and the influence of my older brothers. My 2 brothers, who were about 10 and 12 years older than me, always had bands as I was growing up. They had a folk group in the 60s in Orange County that become a bluegrass band in the 70s. I learned to play guitar from them, when I was 13. My own tastes were always along the lines of the Eagles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Dan Fogelberg, and of course James Taylor. After becoming a Christian in 79, I didn’t start leading worship at CCLE until about 1985. It was not until around 1990 that I began writing. Obviously my musical roots tend to come out.
My 1995 CD “Lessons” was described as “a bunch of songs written by Dan Fogelberg, sung by Gordon Lightfoot, being backed up by the Eagles”.

My thoughts on writing the songs that I do for the church are that they ought to reflect what the average person is really wanting to express to God, packaged in a musical style that is current, and accessible.

Basically I’m just a regular guy trying to do what God has gifted me for and asked of me. None of this is intended to build me up in any way. Believe me, there are much better musicians and songwriters out there. All the attention and any glory is for Jesus and Him alone. It’s my hope however that you would simply be encouraged to follow Him as well, and do what your maker made you for.